Renovating in Yeppoon? Four top tips to ensure your new plumbing is flawless

Alright! You’re taking the plunge and finally renovating the ageing kitchen or bathroom in your Yeppoon home. You’ve got the Pinterest inspiration board and a firm idea of what you want. But how do you make sure the end product matches up to the image in your head? 

Here’s our top tips to ensure a successful renovation (based on literal years of carrying out bathroom and kitchen renovations).

  1. Fail to plan…

The number one reason why renovations go wrong – whether it’s a time and/or cost blowout or a disappointing end product is that there was no real plan in the first place. It’s all too easy to go into a renovation with a bundle of vague ideas and loose concepts, with the intention that “we’ll sort the details later”, but that’s just a fast track to an expensive mess. So, first and foremost, make a solid, detailed plan for the renovation with the trades you’ll be using for it (more on this below).

  1. Budget, budget, budget

You’ve probably got a number in mind for the renovation (possibly even two – how much you want to spend and how much you’re able to spend). Before any work is carried out, set a realistic budget that considers the cost of materials, labour, appliances, fixtures and fittings, and more. Again, consult with the trades you’ll be working with in regards to budget  to ensure your budget is realistic.

You should also always ensure you have a buffer fund for unforeseen expenses, and be aware of the situations which carry a high risk of blowing your budget out. 

  1. Think about your needs

There are many motivations for carrying out a renovation: maybe you’re renovating for sale, renovating a rental property for better returns, or creating your dream bathroom or kitchen. No matter which applies, it’s essential that you consider your needs and wants during the design phase – it can be expensive (or even impossible) to change things during the construction process. A quality renovation professional will talk to you about your needs and wants during their first meeting with you to ensure everyone is on the same page from day one.

  1. Talk to us beforehand

You may have noticed a common theme in the above points: namely, “Talk to the people who’ll be carrying out the renovation for you”. This is essential for a number of reasons: first and foremost, you should ensure you’re comfortable with the people who’ll be renovating your property upfront. Secondly, quality renovation professionals are a font of invaluable knowledge: we’ve generally seen all the things that can go wrong (and right) and can advise you on whether your budget is realistic, better ways to do things, and more besides. Lastly, renovation professionals usually benefit from preferential pricing when it comes to fixtures and fittings – so you may be able to use this to more effectively manage your budget, and focus your money on the things that really matter. Flowtek Services, your local plumber servicing Yeppoon, Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast, has successfully delivered hundreds of renovations over the years. If you’d like to talk to us about ensuring your renovation is a success, get in touch with our local Yeppoon team today.

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