Plumbing tasks you shouldn’t put off (otherwise your Rockhampton home could pay the price

Three plumbing checks you shouldn’t put off (otherwise your Rockhampton home could pay the price) 

We get it: life is busy. What with juggling your work and home lives, along with everything else that comes your way, it’s easy to neglect the little plumbing maintenance tasks (or put them off until tomorrow… and tomorrow… and tomorrow… ).

However, it’s those small plumbing maintenance tasks that stop major drama from happening –  problem that can damage your property, potentially injure people and can be expensive to fix.

Here’s our top three five-minute plumbing checks that you shouldn’t put off.

  1. Inspect your flexi hoses 

Flexi hoses are fantastic for being able to easily deal with awkward or cramped spots. However, they can deteriorate over time and burst. Check your flexible hoses for signs of rust or fraying by running your fingers along the hose every three to six months to see if there are any changes. If the flexi hose is rusted or its braids are unravelling, call us to replace the flexi hose.

  1. Check your hot water tank’s TPR valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR valve) in a hot water system is a critical safety feature: it releases excess pressure and temperature from the water heater tank to prevent a catastrophic failure or explosion. Checking it every so often is a vital safety measure! To test your TPR valve, simply raise and lower the test lever several times so it lifts the brass stem that it’s fastened to. Hot water should rush out of the end of the drainpipe. If no water flows through the pipe or you get just a trickle, call us to replace the valve.

  1. Check your hot water temperature

Hot water needs to be stored above 60°C to prevent bacteria growth, but plumbing laws require a maximum temperature of 50°C at each shower head or tap to prevent severe scalding.This is especially important in bathrooms. To test your hot water temperature, run the outlet for a minute or two to allow the water to reach a stabilised temperature. Run the water into a cup or glass and let it overflow into the sink or basin. Put the thermometer into the cup and record the temperature.

If the temperature is higher than 50°C, something’s wrong with your tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) – call us for a full inspection.Too busy to carry out these checks or just prefer a professional to carry them out for you? Flowtek Services, your local plumber servicing Yeppoon, Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast  is ready to respond promptly to resolve any and all urgent plumbing needs. Book a safety check today, and we’ll inspect every aspect of your plumbing and gas systems, and recommend any repairs or upgrades – before small issues become expensive problems.

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